Classified – The Bells Are Ringing

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Video directed by Mike Boyd and Luke Boyd
Produced by Classified

(Breagh Chorus)
On a not so silent night
stay by the fire baby it’s so cold outside
I’m singing let it snow
cause it’s already 10 below
you’ll find the love out here on this Christmas night, the Bells are ringing, ringing

(Verse 1)
Ok well grab the decorations, don’t forget tradition
Baby it’s cold outside ya need to get your mittens
Hang the Mistle toe, write your Christmas wishes
It’s better to give then receive show the kids the difference
Cause this year, this year has been a tough one
I’m just trying to celebrate and spend it with my love ones
Spread some cheer pouring festive beer
I appreciate the blessings i was blessed with here
Uncle Chris and Aunt Leah reminiscing on the front porch
Little tay tay trying to build another snow fort
Uh. i hear the church bells ringing
I’ll be there Christmas even with my family all singing

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, hallelujah (twice)

(Breagh Chorus)

(verse 2)
Ok, well i’ll be ready with the lights on
Got the decorations up its taken me all night long
Log on the fire, put on my ugly sweater
The children are excited hoping Santa go their letter
And man oh man i feel the blessings on blessings
You can smell the turkey cooking with the dressing on dressing
There’s a reason for the season hear the church bells ringing
I’ll be there Christmas even with my whole family singing

(Chorus) (4 times)

I’m coming home for the Holidays
Knock knock walking on the rooftop who could that be (twice)

(Breagh Chorus) (twice)


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