“SHUT UP AND TALK” is the latest video and single from Danish DMC scratch champion and producer DJ KCL.

The song was originally created as a podcast jingle and then turned into a whole track.

DJ KCL is no stranger to Hip Hop and the video for “SHUT UP AND TALK” shows her love for the culture and four elements, of which she masters almost every single one. DJ KCL is a dedicated DJ and producer with roots going back to the mid 80s electro funk era.

“SHUT UP AND TALK” is the perfect blend of old school electro funk and current 2022 sounds. All the sounds were created by herself and the track is meant to celebrate the entirety of Hip Hop culture.

Check out the video above and stream the song below.

About DJ KCL:
DJ KCL from Copenhagen, Denmark is Scandinavians most booked Hip Hop DJ, when it comes to Boom Bap. In 2010 she started up as a DJ/Turntablist. After ONLY 3 YEARS she was the first female DJ from a western country that won a pre round in the worldknown legendary DJ Battle DMC Championship. She has been burning dance floors all over in Europe and been part of tours for big rap names (Common, J5, Jedi mind tricks). The list is long!

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