Duke Heaven – ANYA

Today, emerging Melbourne-based artist and producer Duke Heaven unveils the new single and video ‘ANYA’.

A bedroom musician and producer at the core, Duke Heaven was born from a desire to create music that personifies the strange and dark side that every one of us have, but are too afraid to show. With influences as varied as Jean Dawson and Clams Casino to Frank Ocean and Soccer Mommy, Duke Heaven captures this sonic diversity through genre-bending instrumentation coupled with the intimacy and introspection of his lyrics.

‘ANYA’ exemplifies this contrast, combining a moody, lo-fi atmosphere with an undeniably catchy whistle melody and upbeat chorus. The official music video offers a glimpse into the otherwise mysterious artist’s world, embedding a series of NFTs.

Despite portraying this mysterious enigma, Duke Heaven captures an undeniable vulnerability and authenticity in the lyrics. Combining energetic & pop-infused tracks, acoustic folk sensibilities with witch-house, Duke Heaven creates music that sounds both familiar and unexpected at the same time.

Releasing a string of singles throughout 2020-2021, including the moody ‘7 November 2020 6:26 pm’, the lo-fi dream pop of ‘internet dating’, a collaboration with fellow Melbourne artist Soarer, and the atmospheric witch house of ‘real life fire demon’, Duke Heaven crafts a sonic world that is difficult to pin down in any one genre. ‘ANYA’ showcases Duke Heaven’s most unreserved single yet, further teasing out his ability to craft memorable pop moments amongst a gloomy surface.

Stay tuned for more on Duke Heaven, soon.

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