JJ Finesser – Live Life

“Live Life” is the latest single from JJ Finesser’s album titled: ‘Classic OG’.

Live Life is JJ Finesser’s celebration of the greatest gift we have: Life. The rapper expresses this gratitude through the focus & determination of his lyrics & flow. Finishing with the lyrics, “Let’s just Live Life, that one wife. Thank you YAHUAH for everything in Life.” JJ Finesser is giving thanks to the Self-Existent & Eternal Creator for the gift of Life.

“Life is about feeling good right now & feeling even better throughout the day. All we will ever have is the present moment. “The Now” moment. Live Life & enjoy the now, because the now is where the richness of Life is. We all have a finite amount of days in Life. It’s a perspective. Count up. Do what you love & love what you do.” – JJ Finesser

“What is Life all about? Love. What is Love? Life.” – Eddie Kendricks

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