Lovinditekai – Trilogies

This is the official premiere of a fresh & creative take on electronic hip hop brought to light by Lovinditekai & nothingspecial, both originally out of various locations of the Pacific Northwest based out of the Portland metro area.

The story of the Trilogy began winter solstice, December 21, 2020 with the visual for “Trilogies” directed and edited by the incredible R3x Wonders. The story is based on the origins of the Lov&Die trio and represent all that is their home vibration. The video represents the fusion of foreign entities coming together to form one tribe and chase the unknown as life passes like a blur, while partaking in the battles it takes to keep the torch lit. As a piece of the upcoming Lov EP from the “Triboluminescence Collection,” the light is the essence of everything that is life. Note, the artists are all prepping individual releases as well.

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