Mel Blue – Everything About You

Eora/Sydney-based collective Mel Blue return with their energetic new single ‘Everything About You’. The single sees the band propel their party energy into another dimension – dance floor-ready beat, velvety vocals and straight-up vibes combine with hints of early 2000s dance music to create a track that will sit very comfortably on your feel good and weekend playlists. ‘Everything About You’ addresses a relatable yet beautiful realisation in relationships, particularly with parents, when you discover that they lead and continue to live a life separate to their interactions with you. Alongside the single comes a music video that showcases the joyous, charismatic personalities of the band.

On the track, Luke of the band shares; ‘Everything About You is an upbeat song about wanting to learn more about someone you love/respect. More often then not we find ourselves wrapped up in our own lives and forget to check in and learn more about the people around you. This song has multiple meanings. Wether its about your new partner or your family. I have this sort of relationship with my Mum and my Dad, where only recently have I realised that they have an entire existence completely separate to me. They have all these stories of being in love, failing, trying different paths, and making mistakes in their youth that I’ve never made time to learn about. I often forget that my mentors and people I look up to have all of that – and of course it’s amazing to learn about!’

Oscar of the band also adds; ‘Life can be so busy and I find myself so focused on my work and what’s coming up in the future. Getting older I’ve felt a shift in dynamic with my parents. I realised they are real people, who have lived these crazy lives before I ever existed. Learning more about that is really special now and I feel like I can understand them better as people’

Sydney based electronic pop six-piece, Mel Blue, created their signature sound through polarity. Inspired by Phoenix, Daft Punk, and Parcels. Mel Blue’s combination of nostalgic bass and of the moment production forms a fresh take on dance pop. At the core of Mel Blue are producers Oscar Sharah (vocals) and Luke Gerber (bass), who created the band as an alter-ego. Shortened from ‘melancholic blue’, Mel Blue grew out of a side project that captured Sharah and Gerber’s fascination with clashing emotions. Reminiscent yet present, lost yet grateful, melancholic yet content, Mel Blue is the point where all these feelings collide. Sharah and Gerber themselves are two sides of the same coin, one bringing pop sensibility and the other an indie-dance edge, together forming a uniquely personal sound. Mel Blue have received support from the likes of Coles Radio, FBi, Rage triple j, Amazing Radio and Pedestrian TV.

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