Rec Hall – Paranoia [Music Video]

Southern California trio Rec Hall—John Barry [guitar, vocals], Lance Meliota [drums], and Ben Tyrrell [guitar, bass]— release their new single “Paranoia” via Arista Records. Listen to the track HERE. Watch the music video above.

Re: the surf rock record with a psychedelic punch, Rec Hall comments, “Paranoia is about how familiar situations become unfamiliar and even scary when influenced by different emotions. The song was inspired by an experience that we had when at the beach after hours. Suddenly the kind familiar faces were replaced by distorted figures covered by a veil of darkness.”

About the video, the band adds, “The Paranoia music video portrays a feeling of profound unease that can isolate us even in a social setting. The shadow figure externalizes this – often John is the only one noticing this figure in the video. The settings and filmmaking evoke the feeling of a hazy, unsettled mind.”

“Paranoia” follows their previous track “Pontiac” which the band’s hometown magazine, Palos Verdes Magazine, raved that with this track, “Rec Hall has taken the music scene by storm this summer” as well as Wolf In A Suit, who stated, “Rec Hall comes to [us] for the first time and they do so in style with the sonic creation that is “Pontiac”. The band’s debut single, “She Doesn’t Get It,” is still receiving much success by organically gaining traction with over 1.5 million combined streams and counting.

About Rec Hall:
Southern California trio Rec Hall—John Barry [guitar, vocals], Lance Meliota [drums], and Ben Tyrrell [guitar, bass]—glide between indie, rock, and alternative on the crest of a catchy sun-soaked signature sound. Growing up in the South Bay neighborhood of Los Angeles, John and Lance initially met in elementary school at barely four-years-old. Building a friendship as they absorbed influence from “the 60’s to the 2000s,” John and Lance jammed for years and listened to the likes of Led Zeppelin, The Clash, The Shins, and Interpol. Cementing their lineup in high school, they finally linked up with Ben. The three-piece went on to win a series of “Battle of the Bands” competitions and performed local gigs at a relentless pace. They cooked up tunes throughout college, each member contributed to the writing process and rotated between

instruments, giving the sound three distinct dimensions. Eventually, they linked up with producer Nicolas Zagorin and cut their debut single “She Doesn’t Get It.” It organically gained traction, gathering over 18.2 million Spotify streams and counting. During 2023, they caught the attention of Arista Recordings and inked a deal with the label. After building buzz, the musicians instantly transfix on a series of 2023 singles including “Pontiac” and “Paranoia,” and their forthcoming debut project for Arista Recordings.

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