Sage X Price – Guilt [Music Video]

“I wanna make music for those who feel the way I do. People who feel lost, people who need something to relate to. I wanna be able to really talk about who I am because I find it really hard in normal conversation to find the words or the motivation to really get down into who I am and my stories and my flaws, but with music it comes off very natural.” – Sage X Price

In a musical landscape where artists can seem like barely distinguishable carbon copies, sometimes you come across a true artist with a creative versatility and a raw self-awareness and vulnerability that stands out from the crowd and speaks to your soul. That artist is SoCal native Sage X Price, an immensely talented 22-year-old poised to be a voice of his generation.

Music is in Sage’s DNA. Growing up in a family of artists, Sage started his musical journey playing guitar and digging for vinyl in his youth. As his talent for lyricism grew, beat production soon followed. With a versatile style rooted in sample-based hip hop, Sage describes his process of beat making similar to those of J. Dilla and Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest during the late 80’s/early 90’s.

After experiencing struggles with his mental health at the age of 15, Sage utilized his writing as a way to manage those heavy emotional states, and at the age of 16, Sage made the choice to break away from the comfort of his home in order to pursue his music career.

Now, as he’s coming off the Earth Boy tour as the opener for another rising star, Tony22. Sage is ready to drop new music with his first single, Guilt. Guilt invites you to look through Sage’s eyes as he internally battles with the loss of motivation and struggles with the weight of trying to carve a niche for himself in the world, while leaving remnants of his past life behind.

So while you may not know who Sage X Price is now, we can promise that at some point…you will.

Check out the video above.

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