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SpellRed is THE REAL DEAL! Up and coming 23 year old artist SpellRed from Madison, WI is lyrically and rhythmically gifted to say the least. He has been releasing music on apps like SoundCloud as early as the age of 12. Songs like “April Showers“, “Exit 255” and “I Need Freestyle” all made waves around the Wisconsin area in the past. Now, after a brief hiatus (due to school) SpellRed is back and back with a vengeance! This past summer SpellRed exploded on to the rap scene with his ability to create vivid imagery, and elite lyricism. The confidence he brings to his music has shown us all that he is not only looking to be a household local name, but to be a household national name. SpellRed has began performing across the country. With the release of his EP and all of the current momentum he has, SpellRed could be on the scene for awhile. We’re excited to see where this bright young Wisconsin artist lands. Check out “Pro” from his debut EP “Stories Told off the Exit”.

Follow SpellRed on Instagram: @SpellRedMusic

“Stories Told off the Exit” EP Link: https://music.apple.com/us/album/stories-told-off-the-exit/1526107445

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