Youth Soul Love – BE MY PEACE [Lyric Video]

YOUTH SOUL LOVE releases his new album “SOULMATE”. I selected the title “SOULMATE” because I feel like it was something that represents my name & artistry YOUTH SOUL LOVE, It connects with my Young & mature audience bringing them back to the main objective and focus on planet earth which i believe LOVE. where I’m at as an Artist and the times were in. I feel like people are not speaking about love or singing about what comes along with love and I wanted to express my feelings a little bit less in Rap to actually deliver my stories in R&B, electronic and dance form. showcasing my ability to be diverse,You’re going to catch some Rap. You will catch some country, but I feel like this Iconic R&B sound is something soulful that the listeners could gravitate to, all the time when trying to find that special person who is their soulmate. I also went with the title because I feel like “Soulmate” was an amazing addition to my discography. I love everything around the name SOUL, whether it’s “SOUL NOT FOR SALE” or “SOULMATE”. My listeners know that they’re still in my book of discography and soulmate is just another chapter for the listeners and the lovers to connect with me. The genre borrowed from multiple forms, but I would definitely say this is a new chapter of R&B/Melodic Rap, Being that Melodic Rap is a new genre for the new generation. It is a Sound that I felt was perfect to write this musical letter to connect. – My key influences I would have to say would be Love, Heartbreak, Triumph,Fast Living & Nightlife battling to find myself in who I am as an artist while dealing with love finding the balance. Go download and stream YOUTH SOUL LOVE SOULMATE.

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